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Beth Shadur has curated a new Poetic Dialogue Project called Tapestry of Visions, featuring a diverse group of artists and poets who have created collaborative work. The exhibition opens at the Christopher Art Gallery at Prairie State College from October 9-November 14, 2023. The exhibition will then travel to the Downing Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Shadur and her partner poet, Scottsdale Poet Laureate Lois Roma-Deeley, have created a 7 foot-long hand-made book with poetry for the exhibition. 


Shadur received an Artist Grant from the Illinois Arts Council for her National Parks Project, in which she investigates the cultural history, landscape, usage and effects of global warming on various parks she has visited. She had a series of solo exhibitions of this work during 2019-2020. During Covid-19, her exhibitions plans were delayed. 

From July 6-August 28, 2021, her National Park Project series were exhibited at the Downing Museum in Bowling Green, KY

From October 1-28, 2021, The National Park Project were shown at the David Strawn Art Gallery in Jacksonville, IL.

Shadur was awarded a Juror's Award for her work Blue Void in Our Planet, Our Selves at ARC Gallery, Chicago IL during summer 2021.

Shadur is represented in Chicago by The Wright House.

Shadur serves on the Board of Trustees of the Illinois State Museum since 2016 and on the Board of the National Watercolor Honor Society since 2021.  

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