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Murals transform and enhance the interior or exterior environment. Artist Beth Shadur designs and hand paints a site-specific mural to meet the needs of the client and space. Her murals show sensitivity to the architectural environment, setting, color scheme and style of each site. Whether to beautify offices or homes, stores or public buildings, or to create a special mood or atmosphere, a custom designed mural transforms an area into an exciting experience. Whether the need is for a trompe l’oeil architectural mural, a fantasy mural, wall graphics or more realistic images, Shadur can work in a wide range of styles that are appropriate to each commission for her clients. The project might include built-in furniture created specifically for the environment. Shadur has created over 150 murals since 1983 in such settings as private homes, public buildings, libraries, medical offices and hospitals, universities, day care facilities, post offices and shopping malls. She also can transform an already cherished piece of furniture with hand painting, and has undertaken many such projects for residential and contract clients. She works closely with architects and interior designers in many instances as part of a design team to meet the needs of her clients.

Recently, Shadur won a mural competition to create a large mural for the Warren Newport Public Library in Gurnee, IL. It was completed in the summer of 2014 with the theme of “life-long learning.”

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