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This body of work investigates the sacred symbol of the spiral, not only as it is reflected in Celtic history but within various cultures throughout history, as the oldest existing symbol of human spirituality. Spirals exist widely in nature, and have been used symbolically within many cultures since the beginning of mankind, combining mathematics and beauty in the formation of this shape based in the natural world. The spiral phenomenon within natural forms can be explained through mathematics, as a pattern resulting from complex sequences and algorithms utilized by nature. Symbols existing across cultures reflect a collective unconscious shared by humanity, and as such, are shared by differing peoples across time and space. The spiral is such a symbol, representing becoming, life, journey, search, birth and cyclical movement and energy.

My investigation of the spiral and its meaning led me on a physical and spiritual journey to the wild ancient landscape in Ireland known as The Burren, well known for its rich and diverse landscape of wildflowers, rocky terrain and cliffs going down to the sea. I have used various prehistoric monuments in the works as diagrams and images overlaid on the landscape forms. The mountain known as An Mullach Mor in the Burren rises upward into a spiral apex and has become iconic for me, and is used within the works as an emblematic symbol. I have used saturated and expressive color to capture the wild, untamed landscape wandered by both ancient and contemporary man in search of spiritual meaning in this land.

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